The Mets have resigned Yoenis Cespedes to a 3 year, $75 million dollar contract. Cespedes is 31 years old and went undrafetd in 2012. He has played 707 games in his career and has a career batting average of .280. He has never hit more than .300 in a season, even though he has hit more than 100 RBIs  or more twice. He has hit more than 30 home runs twice in his career. He has hit 137 home runs in his career. Cespedes has played for four different teams. In 2012 and 2013 he played for Oakland. In 2014 he played 101 games for Oakland and 51 games for Boston. He played 2015 for Detroit for 102 games and 57 games for New York. He played all of 2016 for New York and has now been re-signed. This matters because he is one of the best players on the Mets.