The Dallas Cowboys have signed Jonathan Cooper off of free agency. The signing is not official as of this writing, but there has been a rumor going on that the Cowboys will sign him. He is a guard, and should probably substitute for Ronald Leary instead of star Zack Martin. The 26 year old should help the Cowboys offensive line, even though they already have one of the best offensive lines in the league. Jonathan Cooper has only played in 29 games his whole career and has been disappointing. He was drafted in 2013 as the 7th pick and played 2014 and 2015 for the Arizona Cardinals before being traded to the New England Patriots for Chandler Jones and a second-round pick. He was then dropped by the Patriots before playing a game for them and picked up by the Cleveland Browns. They dropped him last week and he was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys, which is where he is right now. He will boost the Cowboys next year, as they said he will probably not play in the playoffs.