The seeding for the NBA Playoffs have been set, and the playoffs begin on Saturday. I decided that I might as well try to predict the playoffs. The West playoff matchups have been set for a long time, but the East seeding came down to the final game. For those who have not already seen it, this is the bracket for this year:


In the first round out west, Golden State plays Portland. This is a rematch of last year’s second round, and I have the same result. Even though Damian Lilliard will average 30+ PPG, the Warriors will win in six, one game longer than it took them last year. In the next game, the Clippers play the Jazz, both teams 51-31. A great match-up to watch will be Chris Paul versus George Hill. Hill’s great defense, though, will be no match for CP3’s offense, and the Clippers sweep the Jazz. Next Houston plays Oklahoma City. This matchup between the two front-runners for MVP in Russell Westbrook and James Harden will be entertaining, but the Thunder win in seven. In the last series, Kawhi Leonard goes crazy on the lowly Grizzles as the Spurs get a sweep.

In the East, Boston plays Chicago. This will bring another great point guard matchup, between Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Thomas. Even though Rondo is a lot taller, Thomas gets the better of him and the Celtics sweep. Next the Wizards play the Hawks. The Wizards have the better seed, but the Hawks are coming off a couple of wins. I think that the Hawks will upset the Wizards in six. Next, the Raptors versus the Bucks. The Bucks aren’t really that good, and the Raptors can be great in the playoffs. I say that the Raptors sweep. And, the final series the Pacers (yay!) versus the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are in disarray, and the Pacers are on a five-game winning streak. Even with these stats, I wish I could say that the Pacers will win. Unfortunately, I cannot say that. Pacers win two of the first three, but the Cavs find their composure and beat them in six.

In the second round in the West, The Warriors play the Clippers. The Clippers, thinking that they are unbeatable after winning the first game (making them 5-0 in the playoffs), lose the next four. In the other series, the Thunder play the Spurs. This series is again lopsided, as the Spurs win in five, and Russ’s dream season ends.

In the second round in the East, the Celtics play the Hawks. This will be a matchup where a upset is possible, but I think that the Celtics will win in seven. On the other side, on a rematch of last year’s East championship, the Cavaliers play the Raptors. The Cavaliers, playing like a team again, easily beat the Raptors in five.

The conference championships will be interesting as the Warriors play the Spurs and the Celtics play the Cavaliers. In the Warriors series, I have a very close series which ends with a Spurs win in Oracle Arena in the seventh game, the exact same scenario from last year, except this year it is the Warriors who attempt to come back. In the Cavaliers versus Celtics series, the Cavaliers come in off a five game series as the Celtics are tired after it took them seven games to beat the Hawks. The Cavaliers win the second game of the series in Boston and they head to the NBA Finals at home, winning in six.

The NBA Finals is a matchup of two-seeds, the Spurs and the Cavaliers. The Spurs, with home-court advantage, win the first two, and then the fourth to put them up 3-1 as they stay at Cleveland. The Cavs win the first game, starting talks about another comeback, but the Spurs win the sixth game, and LeBron loses to the Spurs again. NBA Finals MVP is Kawhi Leonard, and, if this were to happen, he would probably be voted NBA MVP on June 26.

This is just my prediction, and yours is most definitely different. Comment who you think will win.