Ralph Branca, 90, passed away on Wednesday. Branca, known for his part in the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” home run, was teammates with Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson. Branca was pitching in the last game of the season between the Dodgers(his team)and the Giants in the ninth inning. Guarding a two-run lead, he gave up a game-winning three-run home run to Bobby Thompson. This allowed the Giants to win the National League pennant and play in the World Series. Branca had a W-L record  in his career of 88-68. He also had an ERA(earned runs per game average) of 3.79. This means that 3.79 runs were scored against him during an average 9-inning game. Ralph Branca was a great player blamed for one home run and it is sad that he has died.