The Super Bowl is coming up in a bit over three weeks and as of this writing(6 pm on January 15), the remaining teams are the Falcons(beat the Seahawks), the Patriots(beat the Texans) the Cowboys and the Packers(playing each other as I write this post), and the Steelers and the Chiefs(playing tonight). The Falcons are coming off a 36-20 over the Seahawks and will face the winner of Cowboys vs Packers next weekend. The Patriots are coming off a rout over the Texans of 34-16. The Steelers head into tonights game coming off a 30-12 win over the Dolphins. The Packers crushed the Giants 38-13. A fun fact: the lowest win margin this playoffs was 13(as of now)! This is crazy number. Anyway, time for my picks. The Patriots are hugely favored to make it to the Super Bowl. I say no. The Steelers offense has been amazing and will do well against the Chiefs. They have been playing very well and should be able to outscore the Chiefs offense. I predict a shootout. When the Patriots play the Steelers, the Steelers defense will again score to many points for the opposing team to handle as they upset the Patriots and advance to the Super Bowl. On the NFC side of the board, I predict the Packers to pull off a upset against the No. 1 seeded Cowboys. They will move on to rout the Falcons. So we will stop for a second. I know, I know, I have a 3 seed and a 4 seed playing each other in the Super Bowl. This sounds very weird considering that last year two No. 1 seeds played each other. And I haven’t even said the winner yet. I predict for the Green Bay Packers to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 45-42. Mason Crosby will hit a field goal with 5 seconds left to lead the Packers to their third Super Bowl.

How do your playoffs turn out? Comment who you think will win!