Rueben Randle has been picked up by the Chicago Bears. He was a second round draft pick in 2012 but since then has not been a great receiver. He has never been horrible though, as he has 20 receiving touchdowns in his NFL career. He had 71 receptions in 2014 for 938 yards and 3 touchdowns but had 57 for 597 yards and 8 touchdowns in 2015. Which performance do you think was better? I personally think that the 2014 performance was better because he had more receiving yards and 48 first downs, a career season-high. He scored a first down on 67 percent of his catches. I think that even though Rueben has been good at some times, he was not worth picking up. But with the Bears, this is a player that they really needed with Alshon Jeffery underplaying and Kevin White just not playing as well as the seventh overall draft pick the Bears envisioned him to be.

Do you think that this was a smart move by the Bears? Comment what you think.