The injured big man Chris “Birdman” Andersen has been tradedfrom the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Hornets for a second-round draft pick. Andersen tore his ACL after 11 games played, and he wasn’t doing what you would call great. He averaged 2.3 points and 2.6 rebounds in 9.5 minutes per game. He was a non-solid backup to Kevin Love, and will get more playing time on the Hornets backing up Marvin Williams. This will definitely test the ability of the 38 year-old center. He is very old, but the young Hornets-their average age is 26.1-could use his experience in the NBA(14 years). He has also played on 5 different teams before this trade. On the Cavs side, they get a draft pick that could be reasonably high if the Hornets finish the season weak. They also get rid of a old, big guy, who they didn’t need because of Tristan Thompson. Andersen was never scoring enough points(example: 2009-2010 Nuggets, he averaged 5.9 PPG in 22.3 MPG), but has always been a reliable rebounder and blocker(example: 2009-2010 Nuggets, 1.9 BPG and 6.4 RPG). He will not fit with the Hornets as they have three stellar centers in Frank Kaminsky, Miles Plumlee, and Cody Zeller.

It definitely looks as the Cavs got the best of this trade, and they will improve the team of the defending champions.