Yesterday the Northwestern Men’s Basketball Team did anything but secure their spot in their first March Madness in the program’s history. You probably have not heard about this play, but if you watch Big Ten Network, you might have seen it. The game between the Northwestern Wildcats(then 20-9) and the Michigan Wolverines(then 19-10) was tied 65-65 with 1.7 seconds left in the game. Nathan Taphorn chucked the ball all the way down the court to center Dererk Pardon who laid it in as the clock expired. As this was a home game, the floor was flooded by hundreds of fans as Michigan watched in defeat. The Wolverines will still make it to March Madness, though, but this drags my prediction of them all the way down to No. 10. Then, of course, this is before the Big Ten Tournament. I predict Northwestern to be maybe a 5 seed or a 6 seed. But, if Northwestern and Michigan were in the same region, and Northwestern was a 7-seed as Michigan was a 10-seed, there could be a rematch in the first round of March Madness. There might also be a rematch in the Big Ten Tournament. This was a rematch from the first round of last year’s Big Ten Tournament, where Michigan won in overtime, 72-70. Northwestern is tied for fifth in the Big Ten as Michigan is now tied for seventh. Many people call this play the best in the program’s history. And they are probably not wrong.