Free Agency begins in just a couple of days and there are many good players out there. This is my Top 15.

15. Brandon Carr, CB, Dallas Cowboys


Brandon Carr was a great player. Emphasis on was. He was drafted in the fifth round, but was a steal for the Cowboys. He had 25 passes defended in 2010, and in 2011 he had 15 and four picks. He has only had 1 interception in the past three years, though, and he has not been great. Still, he has been important to every team he has played on, starting in every game he has played.

14. Jordan Cameron, TE, Miami Dolphins


Jordan Cameron is a tight end who is only 28 years old. He is entering his prime, and soon he could be a good tight end in the NFL. He is coming of a season in which he only played three games in, but two years ago he had 386 yards receiving and three touchdowns. He was drafted in the fourth round, though, and that is why he is Number 15.

13. Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Carolina Panthers


Ted Ginn Jr. is a 31 year old wide receiver/returner. He is very fast, and is good on long passes. He can also take slant passes and turn them into 50-yard plus touchdowns. He is a player that could be compared to Julio Jones. The thing is, he is playing with a great quarterback in Cam Newton. Without a great quarterback with a good arm, he will not be able to make those long passes that he could make when he was on the Panthers. He would be a good fit with a team like the Ravens, a new Steve Smith for them.

12. Mario Williams, DE, Miami Dolphins


Mario Williams is a good defensive end who was picked first overall in 2006. Williams has had 5 season in which he has had double-digit sacks, but he has not had one of those since 2014. He was a great player(he had 14.5 sacks in 2014), but now he is 32 years old. He could be signed for a three-year contract, or shorter, but I do not think any team would sign him for longer than that.

11. DeMarcus Ware, OLB, Denver Broncos


Demarcus Ware. That name makes you think of the player that had 20.0 sacks in 2008. Well, this player isn’t that guy anymore. He is now 34 years old, and hasn’t played an entire season since 2014. He had 8 double-digit sack seasons and has 138.5 in his career, but I don’t think that he will have another in his career. And that is if another team signs him…


10. Andrew Whitworth, LT, Cincinnati Bengals


Whitworth is a 35 year-old lineman for the Bengals. Right now, you are probably thinking”Wow. 35? I thought only Tom Brady and Peyton Manning played that long.” And, when you say that, you are right. Whitworth is out of his prime. The only reason he is on this list is because he is still one of the best left tackles in the league.

9. Brandon Marshall, WR, New York Jets


Marshall used to be a great receiver. He would team up with Jay Cutler for long gains, and was the best receiver on the Broncos. He is now 32 years old; not too old, but still on the wrong side of 30. He was a 4th round steal for the Broncos and since then has had five 1,000-yard plus seasons and six 100-reception plus seasons. After his time with the Bears, he went to the Jets, and in his first season on the team, he had 1,502 receiving yards. Last year, though, he only made 59 receptions on 128 targets, one of the lowest percentages in the league. He has maybe one year left in him.

8. Jamaal Charles, RB, Kansas City Chiefs


Jamaal Charles is a great running back who leads the Chiefs in all-time rushing yards. He gains many yards per play and has a couple more seasons left in him. He has been fighting injuries.

7. Sam Shields, CB, Green Bay Packers


Sam Shields is a 29 year old cornerback who made the Pro Bowl in 2014. But his best season was easily 2013. In that year he had 4 picks, making him tied for number ten in the league. As I said, he is only 29, and he has many good years ahead of him.

6. Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings


Peterson is a star for the Vikings. First, his major rewards. I will list them: 7x Pro Bowl, 5x First Team All-Pro, 2x Second Team All-Pro, 2x Offensive Player of the Year, 1x MVP, 3x NFL Rushing Yards Leader, 2x NFL Rushing Touchdown Leader, 2x Bert Bell Trophy, and he was an unanimous All-American in 2004. He also has the record for most rushing yards in a game, with 296. Is that enough for you? The thing is, he only rushed for 72 yards in 2016(to be fair, in only three games), and he is 31 years old. I say he is a boom-or-bust.

5. Dont’a Hightower, ILB, New England Patriots


The only reason Dont’a Hightower is so high on this list is because of his age. He is 26  years old. I personally feel bad for the Patriots because the year that he is entering his prime, he becomes a free agent. He is coming off a season where he had 2.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble, and 65 tackles in minimal playing time. This is pretty good for a inside linebacker, and he also had a game-changing strip-sack in the Super Bowl. He is a good player entering his prime.

4. Nick Mangold, C, New York Jets


You might ask why would a center be so high on a list of best free agents. Well, Mangold isn’t just a center. He is a 7x Pro Bowler, a 2x All-Pro First-Teamer, and has also been All-Pro Second Team once. He is 33 years old, and probably not as good as he was back when he made All-Rookie in 2006, but he is still a great center. He has three more years in him, which is a lot for a center. He would be a good fit with many teams.

3. Colin Kaepernick, QB, San Francisco 49ers


Colin Kaepernick is the first quarterback on this list, and there is a reason for that. Kaepernick is a good quarterback who is only 29 years old. He is coming off a season in which  he only played twelve games but still passed for 2,241 yards and 16 TDs, also running for 468 yards and another two touchdowns. And he only had four picks! This guy put up these stats surrounded by mediocre players. If he lands on a good team, he could be one of the best QBs in the league. He has also become a icon because of his kneels during the national anthem.

2. Darrelle Revis, CB, New York Jets


Here is another New York Jets player. I feel bad for them-it seems that they are losing many good players. But about Revis. He has played on three different teams in the last four years, and is coming off a terrible season. He had only one pick in 15 games. But just look at his season before that. He was tied for sixth in the league in interceptions, with 5, and that was in only 14 games. He also recovered four fumbles. There are two sides to Revis, but he is only 31 years old and is on track for a big year.

1. Alshon Jeffrey, WR, Chicago Bears

at Soldier Field on October 31, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.

This is probably a surprise to you-why would a player who only caught for 821 yards and two touchdowns last year be my number one? Well, remember, he only played in 12 games. And two years ago, when he caught for 807 yards? That was in only nine games. That means that if he played an entire season, he would have about 1,500 yards receiving. And this was with a horrible combination of Jay Cutler and Matt Barkley. He is a amazingly fast player, and if he gets to a team with a good quarterback, it is possible he could be one of the best receivers on the league.

Well, this is my Top 15. You might not want to say your whole opinion, but feel free to comment your Top 5.