The NCAA Tournament begins soon, and it might be hard to predict every game. Well, I have been working on my bracket and this was the best I could come out with-don’t hate on me, I know it’s terrible :). But first, let’s look at the bracket:marchmadnessbracketFirst Round, East:

1. Villanova vs. 16. MTSM/NO: Villanova

8. Wisconsin vs. 9. Va. Tech: Wisconsin

5. Virginia vs. 12. UNC-Wilmington: UNC-Wilmington

4. Florida vs. 13. East Tennessee St.: Florida

6. SMU vs. 11. Providence/USC: Providence

3. Baylor vs. 14. NMST: Baylor

7. South Carolina vs. 10 Marquette: Marquette

2. Duke vs. 15. Troy: Duke

Not that many surprises in the East, but I think that UNC-Wilmington should stun Virginia. I know that some people have SMU in the Sweet 16, but I say no!

First Round, West:

1. Gonzaga vs. 16. SDS: Gonzaga

8. Northwestern vs. 9. Vanderbilt: Northwestern

5. Notre Dame vs. 12. Princeton: Notre Dame

4. West Virginia vs. 13. Bucknell: West Virginia

6. Maryland vs. 11. Xavier: Xavier

3. FSU vs. 14. FGCU: FSU

7. St. Mary’s vs. 10. VCU: VCU

2. Arizona vs. 15. North Dakota: Arizona

Many people might think that Maryland could make the Elite Eight-a lucky win over Arizona would send them there. But, as you might see later on, I think that Xavier is a good team with lots of potential.

First Round, Midwest:

1. Kansas vs. 16. NC Central/UC Davis: Kansas

8. Miami vs. 9. Michigan State: Michigan State

5. Iowa State vs. 12. Nevada: Iowa State

4. Purdue vs. 13. Vermont: Purdue

6. Creighton vs. 11. Rhode Island: Creighton

3. Oregon vs. 14. Iona: Oregon

7. Michigan vs. 10. Oklahoma State: Michigan

2. Louisville vs. 15. Jacksonville State: Louisville

This region is pretty obvious, although I will probably be wrong because I had no upsets.

First Round, South:

1. North Carolina vs. 16. Texas Southern: North Carolina

8. Arkansas vs. 9. Seton Hall: Seton Hall

5. Minnesota vs. 12. Middle Tennessee: Middle Tennessee

4. Butler vs. 13. Winthrop: Butler

6. Cincinnati vs. 11. Wake Forest/Kansas State: Wake Forest

3. UCLA vs. 14. Kent State: UCLA

7. Dayton vs. 10. Wichita State: Dayton

2. Kentucky vs. 15. Northern Kentucky: Kentucky

In this region, two wins that probably aren’t going to happen-Wake Forest and Middle Tennessee.Cincinnati isn’t that good, so that win makes sense. And remember what happened last year with Middle Tennessee State…

Second Round, East:

1. Villanova vs. 8. Wisconsin: Villanova

12. UNC-Wilmington vs. 4. Florida: Florida

11. Providence vs. 3. Baylor: Baylor

10. Marquette vs. 2. Duke: Duke

This round comes with three teams that are double digit seeded, and all of them get knocked out. We head into the Sweet 16 with a classical set of teams.

Second Round, West:

1. Gonzaga vs. 8. Northwestern: Gonzaga

4. Notre Dame vs. 5. West Virginia: West Virginia

11. Xavier vs. 3. FSU: FSU

10. VCU vs. 2. Arizona: Arizona

This round is pretty simple again, but West Virginia beat Notre Dame, if that counts as an upset.

Second Round, Midwest:

1. Kansas vs. 9. Michigan State: Kansas

5. Iowa State vs. 4. Purdue: Iowa State

6. Creighton vs. 3. Oregon: Oregon

7. Michigan vs. 2. Louisville: Michigan

Really, Michigan State could beat Kansas, and Creighton could beat Oregon, but the other two games I think are locks. Even though Louisville is a two seed, Michigan, is coming off a domination over Wisconsin in the Big Ten Tournament final, and Iowa State beat West Virginia in the Big 12 Tournament final. Kansas is also coming off a loss to TCU, and you can never count Michigan State out.

Second Round, South:

1. North Carolina vs. 9. Seton Hall: North Carolina

12. Middle Tennessee vs. 4. Butler: Butler

11. Wake Forest vs 3. UCLA: UCLA

7. Dayton vs. 2. Kentucky: Kentucky

Most of these wins are obvious-UNC is No. 1, Butler playing against a twelve seed, Wake Forest vs. UCLA, and Kentucky is on a winning streak. I think that Kentucky should have been number one, and now their path to the Final Four is harder. They will still probably make it there though.

Sweet 16, East:

1. Vilanova vs. 4. Florida: Villanova

3. Baylor vs. 2. Duke: Duke

Both of the teams that win probably would have made it to the Final Four had they not been placed in the same region.

Sweet 16, West:

1. Gonzaga vs. 5. West Virginia: West Virginia

3. FSU vs. 2. Arizona: Arizona

Press Virginia kills Gonzaga with their press and hands them their second loss of the year. Meanwhile, Arizona beats out FSU by just a couple of points, staging a highly unanticipated Elite Eight.

Sweet 16, Midwest:

1. Kansas vs. 5. Iowa State: Kansas

3. Oregon vs. 2. Louisville: Oregon

Oregon, a pretty good team, advances to the Elite Eight as Kansas blow out high-flying Iowa State.

Sweet 16, South:

1. North Carolina vs. 4. Butler: North Carolina

3. UCLA vs. 2. Kentucky: Kentucky

North Carolina beats Butler by a lot while Kentucky extends their win streak to thirteen.

Elite Eight, East:

1. Villanova vs. 2. Duke: Villanova

This great matchup goes into overtime, but Villanova squeaks out a win over underrated Duke.

Elite Eight, West:

5. West Virginia vs. 2. Arizona: Arizona

West Virginia’s cinderella story finally ends in the Elite Eight as Arizona advances to the Final Four in this now weak region.

Elite Eight, Midwest:

1. Kansas vs. 3. Oregon: Oregon

Oregon wins this won by a lot, and Sports Illustrated brags about their pick.

Elite Eight, South:

1. North Carolina vs. 2. Kentucky: North Carolina

North Carolina advances to the Final Four in this hard-fought game as Kentucky loses their first game since February 4.

Final Four, East/West

1. Villanova vs. 2. Arizona: Villanova

Villanova continues their hard schedule, but fights through it, advancing to the title game for the second year in a row.

Final Four, Midwest/South

3. Oregon vs. 1. North Carolina: North Carolina

Oregon was so close, but North Carolina wins a shootout by a couple points as the game sets up a championship rematch between North Carolina and Villanova.

National Championship:

1. Villanova vs. 1. North Carolina: Villanova

Villanova wins the national championship again, and this time it is not as close as last year. The team does not need a buzzer-beater to win as the Tar Heels are without stars Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige.

That is my bracket, but your’s might be completely different. Feel free to comment whoever you think will win it all!