I’m sure that the question “What Is Going On With The NBA?” Is a question many of us have asked, including Gary Payton, who said in 2014 “Basically everything is wrong with today’s NBA. Also, with the reports coming out that the NBA tested Kawhi Leonard for drugs just because he was doing good, many people have talked about that subject more. I mean, come on. Just because there is a star doesn’t mean that he has to take drugs. It’s not really as fun to watch as it used to be. I will list three reasons.

  1. Lopsided Wins: Right now in the NBA the average margin of victory for the Golden State Warriors is +12.1. And there home average is a crazy +17.4. Now compare. The average margin for the Brooklyn Nets at home is -8.1. That is a 25.5 point difference at home. And it only keeps getting worse.
  2. Superteams: The 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors is probably the best superteam ever to play in the NBA. They are arguably as good as the 1990 Olympics Dream Team. Also, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs could also be a superteam, and some people say they are better than the Warriors. But the Warriors have the best superteam. Everyone admits that. See, superteams are teams that have many great players, not all good players and one great player. This makes the NBA not fun to watch.
  3. The Three-Pointers: Wow, three-pointers. On March 3 the Cavaliers set a record for three-pointers in a game with 25, and the record will probably be beaten this year. In a year where the NBA is ruled by players like Steph Curry, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and Damian Lillard, it is not fun to watch the NBA any more. Some teams take 40 a game and some take 15 a game. Still, it is ruining the NBA. With spread offenses, it means less dunks, and dunks are some of the best parts of basketball.


In conclusion, the NBA is not fun to watch anymore. Let’s hope it gets better, but it is at a all-time low.