Starling Marte, the starting center fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, was suspended for using PEDs. Marte won the Gold Glove twice, and is probably the best player on the Pirates at offense. Marte has played on the Indianapolis Indians, the only baseball team that we(Indiana)have, and I know his name very well. They even have a a poster for him outside of the field, Victory Field. I have become used to him doing well and the Pirates doing well too. I mean, he hit .291 three years ago, .287 two years ago, and .311 last year. He combined for 93 doubles and 13 triples during that time period. He has been a boss, really leading the Pirates in the past couple of years since Andrew McCutchen started his decline. Then, this off-season, the Pirates completely changed their outfield. Marte was moved from left field to center, McCutchen moved from center field to right field, and Gregory Polanco moved all the way from right field to left field. The move affected all of them; Marte is batting .241 his lowest ever, McCutchen is batting .250, his worst ever, but Polanco is batting .297, his highest ever. Now, we’re only about 15 games into the season, but still, things are not looking good for the 6-7 Pirates.