Aaron Hernandez, the ex-star tight end for the New England Patriots, died today. He hanged himself in the prison where he has been for a very long time. Hernandez was a very promising tight end who the Patriots stole in the fourth round. In 2010, his rookie season, he had 563 yards and 5 touchdowns. Still, his best year was in his second year, when he went fourth in the league between tight ends in yards, with 910, in only fourteen games. Also, he was on the same team as the league leader within tight ends in yards and touchdowns in Rob Gronkowski, thus not getting as many targets. After that season, Aaron Hernandez was supposed to combine with Rob Gronkowski to make the best receiving duo in the league. Than, on June 17, 2013, things started to go wrong. Hernandez was coming off a season in which he played only ten games. It was arguably the worst of his career. On that June 17, he killed his friend, semi-pro player Odin Lloyd. Lloyd was dating the sister of the person that Hernandez was dating, but the death didn’t make sense. Nine days later, on June 26, he was charged with murder. A year later, on May 15, 2014, he was charged with another two murders. He was convicted on April 15, 2015. From there, he decided that life was not worth living, and killed himself this morning.