There has been a question for the Indiana Pacers for a long time. It came in 2010 when they drafted Paul George tenth overall. It came in 2014 when he lead them to the one seed in the East. And it came again on Sunday after the Cavaliers swept the Pacers in the first round. If you live in Indianapolis, like me, and pay any attention to news, you probably know the question. Even if you don’t live in Indy, chances are you have heard it. The question is What happens when Paul George’s contract expires? George will be able to opt out of his contract in 2018 and go to another team. And really, if he wants to do that, I don’t blame him. Think about it if you were him. If you were to be in the top-10 list of players in the league, would you really want to be on a team like the Pacers? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Pacers fan, but really? He is the only star on the team, and he is entering his prime. The team is coming off a 42-40 season in which they got swept in the first round. He hasn’t shown many signs of re-signing with the Pacers, and they haven’t shown any signs of keeping him. Also, it doesn’t help that the Boston Celtics, who went 53-29 and were the one-seed in the East, really want him.  The Celtics are willing to trade for him, and they have two extra first-round picks of the Nets, who had the worst record in the league. So, things aren’t looking good for the Pacers. But, I think that the answer is obvious. Trade Paul George. He isn’t being respectful, as he criticized Myles Turner and Lance Stephenson. Then, a few days after he said mean things about him, they both scored more points than him. So, he isn’t very nice. Also, he has very bad consistency. He scored 29 points, then 32, then 36 in the first three games of the series. Then, he scored 15. He is up and down, and impossible to predict. The only bad thing about trading him is that he is only 26, turning 27 in May. He is entering his prime, and is in it right now. Still, trade him to the Celtics for at least one first-round pick, and Jae Crowder. The Pacers will then get a great young player, and also get Jae Crowder, who can start at the three. And, if the Celtics are willing to trade Al Horford instead of Jae Crowder, let them. Even though I really believe that Myles Turner will become a superstar, he will be better if he plays at the four. Then, Horford, Turner, and a draft pick would make a great frontcourt, and the Pacers could contend again. This would be a rebuilding process though, so it could take a while for Turner and a draft pick to evolve into superstars. By then, some players, like Thaddeus Young or Jeff Teague might retire or leave. Still, it might be worth it. Paul George also said he would like to play on the Lakers. He is from Los Angeles, and it makes sense. Any of these things could happen, but the one thing that cannot happen is the Pacers letting George go. Sign him or trade him but don’t let him walk.

What do you think? Trade him, drop him, or sign him? Comment your answers.