The NFL Draft is now over. There had been some obvious winners and also many obvious losers in this draft. I will list the top five winners and the top five losers in my opinion in this post.


Cleveland Browns

When you have the number one pick in the NFL Draft, you are probably going to be a winner. Cleveland was. The Browns got DE Myles Garret, the obvious pick, in the first round, and also traded for S Jabrill Peppers. Then, even though they traded away their second-round pick, they traded again to steal QB DeShone Kizer. He should be an instant starter. Then, to top it off, they got DT Larry Ogunjobi, who will be reasonably good.

San Fransisco 49ers

The 49ers had one of the best drafts in my opinion. They had two picks in the first round, and they used them well. The 49ers traded down one spot to the third overall pick, and still snagged Solomon Thomas. Then, they traded for the 31st pick in the draft, where Reuben Foster was, and grabbed him. They got two soon-to-be superstars in the first round, both at positions of need. If that isn’t a good draft, I don’t know what is!

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts got a huge steal with S Malik Hooker falling all the way to 15th. Even if he isn’t a cornerback, a huge need, he is still a defensive back, and with his skills, you can’t pass up on him. Then, in the second round, the Colts chose CB Quincy Williams. He will be a good fit with the team. The Colts used their first three picks for defensive players, which I think by itself makes new GM Chris Ballard better than old GM Ryan Grigson.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars got RB Leonard Fournette fourth overall, which was a good pick. They also got OT Cam Robinson, another good pick. The reason they did not have the best draft is because they had many, many chances to get a TE, their number one need, and never got one. They had a good draft, but not the best draft.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins had an OK draft, but probably had the biggest steal of the night when they got DE Jonathan Allen with the seventeenth pick. This was huge for the team, and he will fit well with them. Then, they got another Alabama person in OLB Ryan Anderson. A good draft, and watch out for Washington this year.


Chicago Bears

The Bears easily had the worst draft of the night. How do you have a bad draft when you have the third overall pick? Somehow they did. They traded many picks to the 49ers to move up to second, then wasted their pick on QB Mitchell Trubisky. They just signed QB Mike Glennon, so why select Mitchell Trubisky? Old star RB Walter Payton said it was one of the worst picks ever. That is enough for me to give them an F if I were to be grading them.

Los Angles Rams

The Rams first pick wasn’t until number 44, and they got nothing good out of it. They picked a tight end, Gerald Everett, while they didn’t even really need a tight end. Also, it’s not like Everett is going to be an immediate starter. Then, in the third round, they picked WR Cooper Kupp and S John Johnson. These players might not even make the team. And, the whole time, their number one need, the offensive line, had no picks. Not a very good draft.

New York Giants

The Giants had an okay draft, but their first round was pretty bad. With the 23rd pick, they got TE Evan Engram, but LB Reuben Foster was available, and that was probably the way they should have gone. In the entire draft, they got no linebackers, and that was a huge need for them. Then, in the second round, they got DT Dalvin Tomlinson. This was actually a good pick, but I don’t think he will be be able to start in the NFL.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders got someone who will start immediately in CB Gareon Conley. Conley will be a reasonably good starter, but might have a short career. Also, he has a bad background. But in the second round, that was what made their draft bad. They got someone they didn’t need at all with S Obi Melifonwu. Safety is one of their best positions. This is what ruined their draft.

Detroit Lions

The Lions’s draft was actually not that bad, but it was still in the top five worst. Even though they filled all of their major needs, LB Jarrad Davis is still recovering from an ankle injury, and that will definitely affect him. CB Teez Taylor should team up with Darius Slay to make one of the best secondaries in the league. All in all, not a terrible draft, but not a great one either.