The Celtics and Wizards have always had a rivalry, but last night, it got a little out of hand. The Celtics faced the Wizards in a game that had 8 technical fouls and 3 ejections. The Wizards won, 116-89, but they had 26 fouls. Kelly Oubre Jr. was ejected three minutes into the second quarter, and Brandon Jennings and Terry Rozier had two plays that ended in a double technical and were both ejected with 10 minutes to go in the game. The Atlanta Hawks and the Celtics had the same problem last year in their first round series, with Dennis Schroder fighting with multiple Celtics players, but 8 technicals and 3 ejections in one game is unacceptable. These players should be able to not get into fights. They are being paid to play, but more importantly, to be watched. Brandon Jennings and Terry Rozier should stop fighting and play ball, and Kelly Oubre Jr. should stop getting technical fouls. As long as this series has less fighting, it should be fun to see almost exactly evenly matched teams play.