The All-NBA teams are set to be announced on Thursday, and I have given them much thought. In my opinion, First Team is pretty obvious, but it’s Second Team and Third Team that is hard to choose who will make it. My teams are below.

First Team

G Russell Westbrook
G James Harden
F LeBron James
F Kawhi Leonard
C Anthony Davis

As I said, this team is pretty easy to pick. Westbrook had a great stat year, Harden was one of the best in the league, James had one of his best years ever, Leonard is my MVP and was one of the best at defense, and Davis was easily the best center in the league. Davis is a center, I don’t care what the NBA tries to do to him. He is not a forward, and if he was, he would be robbed and be placed on second or third team after a great year. This is the first team for many popular journalists, and I agree with all of them.

Second Team

G Isaiah Thomas
G Demar DeRozan
F Kevin Durant
F Giannis Antetokoumpo
C Hassan Whiteside

I know that three of these things make no sense. Isaiah Thomas? DeMar DeRozan? HASSAN WHITESIDE? I think that these players deserve to be on All-NBA. They are all great at the game, and Whiteside led the league in rebounds this year. Isaiah Thomas has not been sown respect, and if DeRozan wants to score, he can. The Heat didn’t even make the playoffs, but who else? Nikola Jokic? And where’s Steph Curry? This is a very bold prediction, and I like those.

Third Team

G Steph Curry
G John Wall
F Paul George
F Jimmy Butler
C Rudy Gobert

Curry is a no-brainer. So is Wall. But when you get to the frontcourt, it gets confusing. There is Paul George, who had the best year of his career, Jimmy Butler, who can’t go unnoticed and Rudy Gobert, who had almost 13 rebounds per game and played some of the best defense in the league. Trying to get the F position is Draymond Green, and also Gordon Hayward. The race for forward will be tight. This looks like an odd lineup, with two point guards, two small forwards, and a center. Still, this just seems right.