The Celtics vs. Wizards series has now extended to seven games. It has easily been the most exciting series in the playoffs, and tonight both teams will play in Boston for a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Celtics are trying to hold off the Wizards and to not be upset. The Wizards will try to upset the Celtics and advance to their first Eastern Conference Finals since they were named the Washington Bullets in 1979. They have never made it to the Conference Finals with their name being the Wizards. The Celtics and Wizards will continue to be physical in this series, and I predict many fouls, at least 25 for each team. In the first quarter, the Wizards will jump out to a double-digit lead, but by halftime, I think that this lead will evaporate, and the Wizards will be up by five at the half. The Celtics will continue to come back, and keep it close late into the fourth. This is when Isaiah Thomas will turn into his normal 4th-quarter self, nail a couple of shots, and give them a lead. They will never fall behind again, and the Celtics will win, 121-118. This will continue and end a brilliant streak between the Celtics and the Wizards, as it will mark the eleventh game this year that the home team has won. And they have played exactly eleven games over the regular season and postseason. Watch for big games from Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, and Al Horford. Horford should have at least a double-double, and Wall and Thomas will probably both score 30+ points.

This is my prediction, but who do you think will win this series? Comment what you think about the game. You can watch it tonight at 8 P.M. on TNT.