The NFL Draft has been over for a long time, but still, I thought I could return to the subject and go over it. Also, most players drafted are signing their contracts now. It made me think; How bad will some of the draft picks do? These are the predictions of the three biggest busts in the draft.

1. Mitchell Trubisky, QB

Okay, this one is a little too obvious. The Bears traded up one spot to get Trubisky. I really didn’t think that their first round pick was going to be a quarterback, and even if it was, why Trubisky? What about DeShaun Watson? And if we’re going with people with De at the beginning of their names, what about DeShone Kizer? I predict for Trubisky to throw for about 3,500 yards next season, but to never crack 4,000. This would be a good draft pick if it had been 15th overall or higher, but it was second overall. I think this was a bad pick.

2. Patrick Mahomes II, QB

Patrick Mahomes II isn’t that bad. There were just better options for the Chiefs. The Chiefs traded up to the tenth pick in the draft, so they should have gotten DeShaun Watson. Watson had just as many touchdowns as Mahomes while playing against the best defenses in college. Mahomes didn’t have too much of a challenge, as he played for Texas Tech in a very weak conference. And it’s not like the Chiefs even need a QB. They have Alex Smith. Smith’s not that bad…

3. Mike Williams, WR

Mike Williams is not a terrible player, he just doesn’t deserve to be in the Top 10. He can score, but he wasn’t a very explosive player. He ran the 40-yard dash in a full 4.53 seconds, and his longest catch last year was for only 50 yards. The Chargers, the team that picked him, needed an explosive player to line up across from Travis Benjamin. I expect an average year, maybe 800 or 900 yards, but not good enough for a seventh overall receiver.