The Cleveland Cavaliers did something that seemed too hard-to-be-done last year; they came back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals against an almost impossible-to-beat 73-9 Golden State Warriors. This year, the Warriors went 67-15 and won 15 games in a row in the playoffs. They looked better than last year, and they probably were. Any person who knew anything about basketball would say that they were better this year. They lost Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut but got Kevin Durant and Matt Barnes. Definitely an improvement. They were obviously looking better this year than they were last year through the first three games of the Finals. Still, in elimination games, they have had trouble. They have lost four games in a row against the Cavaliers during elimination games. The Warriors have lost all momentum with the loss last night. You have to worry if you’re a Warriors fan about another collapse. The Warriors are currently up 3-1, but history repeats. Last year, the only Cavaliers win in the first four games was a blowout at 120-90. This year the blowout was 137-116. The only close game was Game 3, and last year there were no games in single digits until Game 7. If the Cavaliers can get hot, they can win Game 5. Then they are only 3-2 behind. That is really not that much. Then, they can win Game 6 at home. Before you know it, they’re back in Oakland for Game 7. Only one road win will put them there, and you know how well Kyrie Irving does in elimination games. I think that Kyrie is the storyline of this series. If he does well, the Cavaliers will have a higher chance of winning the series. A comeback for the Cavaliers is very possible, and I hope they can pull it off.

Do you think that a comeback is possible? Who will win the series? Comment what you think.