A new basketball gym was opened on Saturday in Indianapolis. It is called Shoot 360, and I went to the grand opening. The gym was made by 2004 Slam Dunk Contest champion Fred Jones, and it is gym with interactive activities around the main court. When I went, since it was the grand opening I got a free workout. It was great, and I will explain in more detail.

First, there was a shooting drill. There was a machine called the Noah machine which was amazing. A picture is here:


This picture shows the Noah machine in LA Shoot 360. There are locations around the country. It is called the Noah machine because it measures your arc, like Noah’s arc (Ha, ha). It will say your arc out loud. Obviously, this machine is not as new as the machines at Shoot 360, but it is still good. The best arc of your shot that you can have is 45º.

Next, you would work on passing. They had games where you would try to score the most points by throwing a basketball at moving targets. The more points, the smaller the targets. Also, there are red targets that give you negative points. The thing is, you throw at a screen. the screen registers where the ball hits and shows where it hit. I could not find a photo for this.

Finally, I worked on my ballhandling skills. Using the same screens that I played the games on, they showed me videos and I replicated the videos. They had dribbling, but also arm practices like leg wraps. You would do each exercise for 30-40 seconds, then have five seconds to rest. This was the hardest part. If you look closely, you can see an example of this:new-web-images_ball-handling-stations-video-720x340.jpegAll in all, the Shoot 360 was a great place. Click here to go to the website. If you love basketball, and you have a Shoot 360 near you, I recommend going!