It is almost the All-Star break in the MLB, and now that we are halfway through the season, I have made up my mind on playoff predictions. These are who I predict to go the playoffs, and how far they will make it.

The Teams:

American League:

East: Boston Red Sox

Central: Kansas City Royals

West: Houston Astros

Wild-Card: New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians

National League:

East: Washington Nationals

Central: Chicago Cubs

West: Los Angeles Dodgers

Wild-Card: Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies

As of when this is written, only two teams not leading their division win the division. The exceptions are the Royals who are a game and a half behind the Indians, and the Cubs, who are three games behind the Brewers. Both teams in these divisions who come up short are not wild card teams.

End Of Divisional Round:

American League: Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros

National League: Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs

In the American League, the Red Sox return to the ALCS to play against the Houston Astros, who appear in the ALCS for the first time ever. Meanwhile, in the National League, the Cubs and Dodgers have a rematch from last year’s National League finals.

World Series Teams:

American League: Boston Red Sox

National League: Los Angeles Dodgers

The Red Sox survive a hard series against the Number 1 seed Houston Astros, winning in seven games. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat out the Chicago Cubs in six. This brings the Red Sox to their second World Series in four years, while the Dodgers look to win their first World Series since 1988.


Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox win another World Series, as they beat the Dodgers in six games. Chris Sale wins MVP. This is very exact, and will probably not happen, but that it what I predict.

Who do you think will win the World Series halfway into the season? Comment your thoughts.