Kyrie Irving requested a trade yesterday. What?! The Cavaliers just went 51-31 and made the Finals easily. Still, Kyrie believes he shouldn’t be the second option on a team. Cleveland has LeBron James, the best player on the planet. Why does Kyrie Irving want to leave Cleveland? I understand if he wants to leave the same year as LeBron, as James has said that he will head out to L.A. next year. This is the last year in what could be a long time that the Cavaliers will be a serious contender. He has decided that he doesn’t care. Irving is only 24 years old and believes that he can be the center of a contending team. Irving arguably has the best handles in the league and is probably entering his prime. But does he have the potential to lead a team? In the three years without James, he averaged more than 18 points, 5 assists, and 3 rebounds. Not bad, but not exactly a star. And where would he go anyway? Almost every team has an established point guard. The Cavaliers are a good fit. Kyrie Irving has made a mistake.