There are eight teams left in the NBA Playoffs. Soon there will be four. I have made some percentages for each team winning the NBA Finals. I hope you enjoy!

Cleveland Cavaliers, 34%

Cleveland remains one of two teams that have not lost yet in the playoffs. They have played two reasonably hard-to-beat opponents in the Indiana Pacers and the Toronto Raptors, but swept the Pacers and are up 3-0 on the Raptors. This is the way they began last year’s championship postseason, and they might even be able to sweep the first three series if they can sweep the Raptors. No team in NBA history has ever come back from     3-0 down, and they should be okay.

Golden State Warriors, 33%

The Warriors had the best record in the NBA this year for the third year in a row, and won 50 games or more for the fourth year in a row. They are also the other team that has not yet lost a playoff game. They probably have the most superstars, but their chemistry has not been looking great. In a Warriors-Cavaliers series, the Cavs win in seven.

San Antonio Spurs, 12%

The Spurs were my beginning of the playoffs champion. I was wrong about them, as it took them 6 games to dispose of the lowly Grizzles, but they could still end up in the Finals. I just don’t think that they would be able to beat the Cavaliers. In a matchup against the Celtics, the Spurs would probably win, but a lot has to go right for them for that to happen.

Boston Celtics, 11%

Is it really that surprising that the Celtics have a one-in-nine chance of winning the NBA Championship? In my opinion, no. The Celtics will have trouble beating the Wizards, and beating the Cavaliers is another thing. If the Cavs and Celtics meet in the Eastern Conference Finals, Cavs in four.

Washington Wizards, 6%

The Wizards have a chance at beating the Celtics, and only lost to the Cavs in the season series 2-1. One of their losses went to OT. The Wizards just might be able to win the East, but I don’t think they could win the Finals.

Houston Rockets, 2%

The Rockets are down 2-1 to the Spurs. They are really dead meat. They could be able to fight back, but a series against the Warriors would be too hard.

Toronto Raptors, 1%

The Raptors are down 3-0 to the Cavaliers. It would take a miracle to get them out of this round, and it is almost impossible for them to win the Finals.

Utah Jazz, 1%

The Jazz’s season is over. Face it, Quin Snyder – it took you seven games to beat the Clippers. You really think you can beat the Warriors? Ha!

How accurate can these predictions be? Comment if you think they are right or wrong.