Russell Westbrook will soon be re-signed by the Thunder to a massive 5 year contract worth more than $200 million this summer. This signing is huge for the Thunder, but is it huge for Russ? Westbrook is a great player, he averaged a triple-double this year and also set the record for most triple-doubles in a year, with 42. He can go somewhere good. The Thunder are okay, they were the sixth seed in the West this year, but they aren’t that good. He would fit well with many other teams that would do a lot better than the Thunder. If he is on a better team, he could go far. The Thunder have backcourt, and that’s it. With Victor Oladipo, he should be good, but the Thunder have trouble paying all of their players. Other players that the Thunder will have trouble paying are centers Enes Kanter and Steven Adams. In two years, they will probably not re-sign Kanter. These are pretty much the only good players on the Thunder. Westbrook did not want to be like KD last year, but this is stupid. Be on a good team, Russ. Don’t be scared. This year, the Thunder should have trouble, and I am almost 100% sure that Westbrook will regret his choice. Check in with me next year at this time when the Thunder’s season will be over, and you’ll se what I mean.