Michael Floyd, wide receiver who has played for the Patriots and the Cardinals in the past year, was signed by the Vikings to a one-year deal. This gives the Vikings someone to line up alongside Stefon Diggs if Diggs isn’t hurt. Floyd has explosiveness as he scored on 13.5 percent of his receptions in 2016, and also has moves. 31 of his 37 receptions were first downs in 2016, and he had five touchdowns. In the playoffs though, he only had 1 reception for nine yards. There is also a story behind him. In December 2016, he was arrested for DUI charge after falling asleep at the wheel and fighting with cops. Less than a week later, the Cardinals dropped him for his behavior. Then, the Patriots picked him up to fill a WR hole made by injuries. Floyd then went to the Patriots until he was cut, and today he was signed to a one-year deal with the Vikings.

In one year, Floyd will be back on the free agent market. In a year, I don’t think anyone will pick him up. Floyd is a good wide receiver, but he has had trouble in the past couple of years. Expect for an average year with the Vikings.